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Tourist travel into Asia

2013.10.19. 12:22 nikolettliverpool

The food of Uyghur is simple and good, there are tasty fresh bread , Plovs and pasta in all shapes and nice and sharp , and in between it is properly eat kilometers , but I 'm lucky and do not call cost headwinds and thus the motorway driving is not too boring. Diversified offer only the cities and so it goes four days through the desert , only then it starts to become a little greener, there are poplar groves and fields and at some point another huge mountrain draws on the horizon from the Bogda Fen , another offshoot of the Tien Shan and before that is Ürumqi like cheap Ferry Cairnryan Belfast.

Here I consider myself one night on and move my rest day on the Heavenly Lake , which is a daily rode on , on the edge of the mighty massif, which I now for almost two days have before me , almost 6000 meters into climb the highest summit, I but only has good height of 1,000 meters to the top.

A narrow road winds through a green valley , everywhere there are Kazakh yurts and horses , then I get to the bottom station of the cable car and take up the last hill to the lake. Since it is already late in the afternoon , the tourists are all depart again on , I walk a little along the shore and treat myself to an overpriced tourist plov. Further back there is a yurt camp and I get a whole yurt for me to stay alone. Outside there is a water hose and that is my shower. Then I looked at cheap Ferry Dublin Holyhead pictures.

The next day I take a long walk , later it will be even better , there are only small paths and few tourists get lost here yet. I just sit on the lake and go swimming two or three times , although this is not allowed , but it's no one here but me. In the evening I bow again on my cards and I am on a piece of track that I 'm already gone once 15 years ago and which has me at that time very much and look forward to the next few days.

Meanwhile, I've completely gotten used to the re- cycling, the buttocks and the back pain no longer , the sunburn is gone and I can do without problems even very long daily distances of 150 kilometers. After completely done the next day I have to Hami again through the desert, not a nice desert , only gray dirt , nothing else. The ' beautiful ' Desert is only available from Dunhuang, with beautiful sand dunes and tickets. And in the middle of the desert then begins the Great Wall, except in Jiayuguan , where it was prepared great again, just a miserable heap of clay, if anything is left of it. I also plan a cheap Ferry Cairnryan Larne trip.

In Zhangye I turn I need more mountains and passes and that's all I get on the road to Xining in Qinghai province. Here, already home to many Tibetans no longer in round yurts, but in square tents and there are fewer cows and more yaks, whose meat get stuck up to three days between the teeth. Meditative rest I do not find it in the Ta - monastery as there were teeming with thousands of tourists , but I discover beautiful wall paintings and frescoes of the Tang Dynasty in a small monastery slightly off the tourist routes: Qutansi like in Geo.

In such a climate even masonry, wood , or metal colors do not seem to want to take like a long time. Engineers or material scientists could well explain the probably here one can only admire the result. After five years at the prevailing local in quality house looks as if it had just been times over the last hundred years. In short, at some point which is either unsightly or simply uninhabitable and demolished. Zack. Where is demolished , then rebuilt again.

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Ski Trip in the Alps

2013.10.09. 12:17 nikolettliverpool

The sign dates back to the warm days of the year. "Closed" is on the list at the lift houses the piston in Oberammergau , which has not yet opened for winter guests. Nevertheless pull in the parking lot already several hikers their skis from the car. For them, the season has already started , and for some of them this early winter days even have a special charm in Oberammergau in Bavaria.

"So nice and quiet as at the time one has it here in the ski all winter NOT", " more than in April , when the lifts have closed up again once more . " The retired consultant is driven together with a friend of am Ammersee to Oberammergau to go on the tour the first ski tour of the season.

Here on caliper that works particularly well for several reasons: The runs are already on them from start , also because it is already covered with artificial snow , although most artificial snow still heaped lies on huge pile . So he has less exposure to the sun and does not melt as fast .

Only shortly before the start of the lift operation on 19 December, the snow mountains are then spread over the remaining connections. In addition, the slopes are safe from avalanches. And there is no bigger stones that might protrude from the thin layer of snow unlike the timetable Ferry Pembroke Rosslare trip.

Above all, tourers are not scared in Oberammergau as in many other ski resorts , but welcomed . "We look at the ski areas growing bifurcation in terms of the attitude to tour -goers ." On the one side are those elevator operators who continue to fret over ski mountaineers because they use the groomed slopes with much effort , without paying for it .

But on the other hand , there are more and more cable car chiefs from the tour -goers and look for ways to benefit at least a little of them .

In any case, it is for the lift operators increasingly difficult to keep the ski mountaineer . On the one whose number is rapidly increasing , on the other end of November, the Bavarian Administrative Court has decided only in the last instance that ski their slopes must not lock , citing the Nature Conservation Act for tourers , as it had made about the Zugspitze Railway in Garmisch Classic area.

But with that judgment, the dispute does not end . In some areas, he comes to a head sooner. For now, grab some cable car chiefs for the second available resources : the country's criminal and regulatory law that allows municipalities to terminate exposed areas at risk. Thought the law is about to pass a road when avalanches threaten . I also looked at timetable Ferry Liverpool Dublin.

He thinks this is illegal : "Blockades may only be temporarily imposed in this framework if there is a specific risk that is limited in space and time . " The municipality bases its position with the risk of accidents in their narrow area and partly explains that they have worked out with the new DAV ascent routes that are off the slopes.

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Tourism in Vietnam

2013.09.29. 12:24 nikolettliverpool

Vietnam , as have never seen any other tourists! Bicycling across the country gives impressions and insights that no other program providers in Vietnam. Besides the big highlights of the country , such as the historic cities of Hoi An and Hue, the Dry Halong Bay , the largest sea cave in the world Phong Nha and the spa town of Dalat we cycle through enchanting landscapes above the clouds pass and put our feet in many places in the South China Sea. When I was at price Ferry Belfast Liverpool I also read about this.

On our tour we will learn various hill tribes , as well as the lives of the smallest village up in the modern metropolis Saigon and Hanoi know. Sometimes we will be pedaling with Vietnamese together to go to the next village , meet on other days, sometimes 20 km far not a soul and cycle through dense jungle and experience the cycle of rice from north to south once the plug to harvest. In the south, we explore the areas of coffee cultivation , which is currently in bloom in February and are literally where the pepper grows.

The first trip " on the Ho Chi Minh Trail " 2011 was amazing, stunning and overwhelming and so there was no question that the tour is still running at least a second time. For the first trip , which can be found also in detail in the blog " Ho Chi MinhPfad " there are only a few small changes , as the day of rest is omitted in Vung Tau , and this is it held in Danang. Also price Ferry Belfast Cairnryan looks good.

Surprisingly, the road condition throughout Vietnam was better than expected, up to a few brief detour into the ground short or sites we have always had asphalt under the wheels. We will carry our luggage again myself, but all things fit in two saddlebags , although it can still be a little chilly at the start with temperatures around 15 degrees. Next year the weather on price Ferry Newcastle Amsterdam will be similar.

But that is changing rapidly in the central part of Vietnam , the temperatures at 25 degrees and lie about it and in the south it is just over 30 degrees Celsius , but it was always very pleasant ride ! With about 10 to 12 kg of luggage , including a lightweight sleeping bag that was cycling through wild countryside , dense jungles , coffee plantations and endless rice fields not too strenuous , but very impressive pleasure.

In Hanoi , the city celebrated its one thousand year anniversary in October 2010 , the tour begins. From there, we then continue to the south , on the way are minority villages , national parks, caves and hot springs , the bizarre rock formations in the dry Halong Bay , the palaces of Hue , the Cham temples of My Son, the amount resort of Dalat , from and beautiful beaches and lots of wild roads through the mountains and the sea. Alternately, it goes from the coast back to the actual Ho Chi Minh Trail , but here it is difficult to find in the long nights and acceptable as it pulls us back to the coast and over the clouds pass.

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Cruise to Central Vietnam

2013.09.15. 12:19 nikolettliverpool

Only at 22h close the tailor shops ( for Vietnamese relations in the middle of the night : the day begins at five : But who wants to sweat at 35 degrees in the shade try a wool suit ? ) The dressmakers bear the busts in with those exhibits that all day were petted by tourists hesitant hands , and scourged them with dust cloth and towels : evil jacket, again not sold , you nasty jacket!

Unmoved by human affairs go the geckos their Gecko affairs after ( Even if the sort that sits on the walls of Hoi An , a little sci-fi Excessive has a new favourite animal itself : they are all born as females , the species knows no male sex aggressive they are nevertheless , the lizard ladies. During cute chirping is in truth battle cries. obviously they need to wage war without men , the problem of women, that increase has also been solved : it clones itself dependent fast times themselves. Then I looked at cheap Ferry Dublin Liverpool.

The sea kiss our feet , while it digested our ancestors. Every night, pulling a scrap collector on a bicycle through the streets and driving while walking his own voice ( on tape ) in the handlebar basket : it calls (for European ears ) , oddly enough " ? What should I try What should I try" Gardens found here : How direct copy-paste from Paradise : Considering that you will fax the dead beer and cigarettes into the afterlife , they appear to fax here and there a few square meters of Eden back like cheap Ferry Holyhead Dublin.

The demand of respect for the victims of the flood in Central Vietnam: The money you might usefully invest in humanitarian aid. By Jove , Have ye the fireworks not yet bought ten minutes before the big event about ? Is it not much more so, dear painter in the service of reality straightening her last week that three internationally recognized pyrotechnician have accidentally blown up together with their material into the air and so fast now can not get a replacement ?

Hoi leaves us with permanent thunderstorms and downpours : The tide comes closer, we move south. Vietnam Airlines flies are bumpy , but surely through the angry air , and I fear of flying - neurotic must admit : Two hours moped driving in rush-hour traffic on the totally crowded " National One" of any Cham -Tower (no, not My Son ) seeking the then it proves untraceable - this is apparently not a bad treatment against air holes panic. The intuitive risk assessment reports and looked at cheap Ferry Harwich Hook of Holland. As much as it shakes and beutelt : Up here there is at least no ghosts propelled scooter and no Helldriver bus drivers that are coolly prepared to pave the way from Saigon to Hanoi with two- corpses.

When other cruise lines offer cruises for several years successfully in the Persian Gulf, now moves to the Italian MSC Cruises. Abu Dhabi will be the starting point for tours of the MSC Lirica by the Gulf of October 2011 to March 2012. In a total of 19 trips on Sundays beginning the ship including Dubai, the island state of Bahrain as well as ports will drive in the UAE and Oman. These trips over 2,000 guests can be accommodated on the MSC Lirica.

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From England to Vietnam

2013.08.28. 12:29 nikolettliverpool

This journey has shown us that this planet and its inhabitants are even grander than we could imagine ourselves that before. The journey has less satisfied our desire to see the world as it has strengthened it. The earth is much to be beautiful not traveled to. And last but not least this trip has given us friends from many countries has shown us foreign cultures and taught us that despite some differences we are all just people. A lively , fun-loving , sometimes pretty crazy but sympathetic , hospitable , and endearing species. No matter where they permanently settled. I also looked at timetable Ferry Dover Dunkirk.

We traveled almost three weeks with a couple from Poland and George from England by China. Since then we have weekly contact. As soon as we were at home , we were already planning the reunion. The same applies to Dani and Ana from Spain, with whom we traveled to Vietnam. Oliver , with whom we traveled to Colombia, we have even met again. That one passed with moist eyes of people that we know only a few weeks , I could not have imagined before the trip.

Definitely it is worth mentioning here Bishma. In Ha Long Bay in northern Vietnam , we took her and her friend In a boat ride. We met on board , spent only one day together , drank together and then something goodbye in the evening. That's it. We kept loose contact through Facebook and were repeatedly asked to report it to us when it should be pushed us to New Zealand where they live. Nine months later, it was time. And as Bishma learned that we were in their city of Auckland , they gave us shelter, cooked for us every night princely, peer lent her car when he really wanted to make a day trip to " Hobbiton " , showed us the city by day and by night and only once had to cook for us as a thank you. "This goes without saying ," she said and showed me some timetable Ferry Dover Calais photos.

As Torsten and Larston us with their sailing boats from Trinidad to Grenada may only have to bring , because wind and weather were against us, they were inconsolable. It was clear that we had no other way to reach our container ship in Martinique than to fly. Not only that, they profusely apologized to us that their sailing boats fell apart. They also wanted no money for the journey from us. Apart from the port charges , they would not have had without us. Torsten's answer to my question whether he meant it seriously , fell short of: "Money can not buy me love".

We learned so much friendship and love on this trip, that we can never give it back. But that is not so, was so long assured us until we understood it. On Java in Indonesia , a man took time to lead us in Bogor on accommodation, we would never have found. He put it best. "I believe in karma ," was his explanation. " Do good and good will happen to you

More than a month ago, I was writing a text for the blog, I saw on my calendar that my birthday was at the door. I know this may sound exaggerated, but my mood was suddenly worse. First, because another birthday was coming without summer sun - and even though I have birthday in June.

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